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ALL CHANGES to the exterior of any home or landscape of any lot MUST BE APPROVED IN WRITING by the Architectural Control Committee before any work is started.


Approved by The Association of Marion Landing

 Board of Directors

MAY 15, 2009




The Declaration of Covenants for Marion Landing requires the Association to establish and maintain a standing committee selected by the Board of Directors to be known as the “Architectural Control Committee” (the Committee).  This Committee shall be responsible for review and approval of all building plans for structures, including any additions or alterations to the exterior thereof, prior to such construction.  The Committee is further authorized to review and give its approval of all other exterior improvements of every kind on each lot prior to the installation, modification or alteration thereof.  Chapter 720 of the Florida Statutes expressly recognizes this authority. These Design Guidelines are intended to maintain the desirable features of our Community.  They may be changed from time to time by approval of the Marion Landing Board of Directors.

Members of the Committee at the time these Guidelines were established include:


Architectural Control Committee Members

Shirley Pohlers, Chair

Frank Castro

Virginia DiNoto

Lois Gaugler

Mike Soter

Dave Wilberg

Dan Curtin, Alternate

Betty Williams, Alternate

John Moran,  Board Liaison 


TABLE OF CONTENTS                                                                    




I.   GENERAL                                                                                                         

 1.  Purpose                                                                                                     

 2.  Architectural Control Committee Responsibilities          

 3.  Responsibilities of Owners                                                           

 4.  Submission of Applications                                                           

 5.  Violations / Enforcement                                                                

 6.  Maintenance                                                                                           




  1.   Awnings                                                                                                

  2.   Antennas                                                                                               

  3.   Arbors and Trellises                                                           

  4.   Clotheslines                                                                                           

  5.   Doors – Screen and Storm                                                           

  6.   Driveway Painting                                                                            

  7.   Exterior Additions and Modifications                                    

  8.   Exterior Lighting Fixtures                                                             

  9.   Exterior Paint Colors                                                                     

10.   Fences / Privacy screens                                                               

11.   Holiday Outside Decorations                                                    

12.   Landscaping                                                                                        

13.   Lawns                                                                                                      

14.   Lawn Ornaments                                                                              

15.   Low Voltage Lights                                                                          

16.   Mailboxes                                                                                             

17.   Pergolas                                                                                                

18.   Pools                                                                                                        

19.   Post Light / Address Sign                                                                   

20.   Roofing                                                                                                    

21.   Signs                                                                         

22.   Stand Alone Structures                        


Appendix A ? Architectural Control Application

Appendix B ? Marion County “Deed Restriction Compliance”





































1.  Purpose

Marion Landing is a deed restricted community consisting of single family residences.  The purpose of these guidelines is to insure that everyone can enjoy their property while maintaining an environment of safety and positive appearance that contributes to the overall property values in Marion Landing.


 2.  Architectural Control Committee Responsibilities   

The Committee shall establish review criteria, review, approve, and maintain a record of all changes that fall under these guidelines.  If the proposed change has been disapproved, the Committee will provide reasonable assistance and recommendations to bring the Application into compliance with the Guidelines. The Owner may submit a revised Application for reconsideration.  If the resubmitted application is again “not approved”, the Owner may submit an appeal in writing to the Marion Landing Board of Directors within thirty (30) days of the Architectural Control Committee’s final decision.  The decision of the Board of Directors shall be final in all matters submitted to it.


3.  Responsibilities of Owners

Each Owner shall provide the Architectural Control Committee with an Application describing the proposed changes they desire to make.  An Application must be submitted prior to performing any changes to a home or lot site.  Forms can be obtained and returned to the Community Association Manager (CAM).  It is the responsibility of the Owner to insure the proposed changes are in accordance with all Codes, Ordinances and Laws, and that work is done in a timely manner and in accordance with the information on the Application.  If the change is not completed within six (6) months from date of approval, the owner must reapply under the current Design Guidelines.


Any permit issued, or approval by the appropriate County agency, shall in no manner whatsoever bind the Architectural Control Committee with respect to approval or denial of any Application for items submitted for consideration (See Appendix B).  The Architectural Control Committee shall be fully independent and will have full authority for approval or denial of any such matters.


4.  Submission of Applications

Applications required by this document must be submitted allowing adequate time for review and approval before any work is done.  If there is a question concerning the need for Architectural Control Committee approval, it should be directed to the Community Association Manager or any member of the Architectural Control Committee.  If an emergency situation exists, there can be an expedited review process.  The Owner will be notified after the application has been approved.



5.  Violations / Enforcement

Any change made prior to the Committee’s written approval is a violation of the Covenants.  Owners will be required to remove the change if it is not compliant with the Marion Landing Design Guidelines and the Owner will be responsible for all costs necessary to bring the alteration into compliance.  A time limit for the correction will be established on an individual basis.


6.  Maintenance

Architectural Control Committee approval is NOT REQUIRED to repair damaged items if they are just being brought back to their original condition.  Any improvement, alteration or change being made, including color, requires an approval.





II. RESIDENTIAL DESIGN STANDARDS (Reference Covenants Article III)   


1.   Awnings

Awnings are permitted over windows and patios.  Awnings extending over four (4) feet from the point of attachment to the house must be the retractable type to reduce the possibility of wind damage.


2.   Antennas

The Federal Communications Commission adopted regulations allowing the erection of satellite dish antennas 1 meter or less in diameter, television broadcast, and multipoint distribution antennas. The preferred antenna location is behind the house or on the back portion of the roof where it is not visible from the street, as long as this does not degrade the quality of the signal.  Antennas protected by this regulation do not require submission of an application.  All antennas and satellite dishes not protected by FCC rules are prohibited.  This restriction shall not apply to antennas located in the Common Areas.


3.   Arbors and Trellises

Arbors are permitted in the side, or rear yard.  They must not exceed eight feet (8’) in height, four feet (4’) in width and three feet (3’) in depth.  The material must be of treated wood, vinyl or rust-proof metal. The exact location must be shown when application is made to the committee.


Trellises not exceeding forty–eight (48”) in width, are permitted.  They should not cover any part of a window, with the exception of an enclosed lanai.  They should be of treated wood, vinyl or rust proof metal. The exact location should be shown on the plan when application is made.


4.   Clotheslines 

Outdoor clotheslines are prohibited except for reel and umbrella types in the area of the rear yard where they are not visible from the street in front of the house.  The following additional restrictions apply to their use: when not in use, the retractable lines on the reel type units must be rewound, and umbrella units must be removed and stored in the house or garage.  Under no circumstances can the lines remain extended for a period exceeding 24 hours.


5.   Doors – Screen and Storm

Storm, screen, or hideaway screen doors are permitted to be added to any front, side or rear door.  Such doors must be white or of a color to match the color of the house or trim.


6.   Driveway Painting

Painting of a driveway, sidewalk, entry, or patio requires approval.  No emblems or logos will be allowed. 


7.   Exterior Additions and Modifications

The Owner is required to get all required approvals and permits before final Committee approval will be granted.  The color will be either white or one of the approved house colors selected from the Marion Landing Architectural Control Exterior House Paint Guidelines book that is available for viewing at the Administration Building.


8.   Exterior Lighting Fixtures

Building mounted light fixtures, including entry and coach lights, are permitted and must conform to the architecture of the house.  Motion sensors may be used on these lights.  When directional or floodlights are used, they must be aimed so as not to shine in the windows of neighboring homes.  A catalog showing examples of approvable lighting fixtures is available for viewing at the Administration Building.


9.   Exterior Paint Colors

Exterior paint of all houses shall be maintained in good condition and repainted as required.  Repainting the house the same color will not require Committee approval.  Any change in color of the house or trim must be approved by the Architectural Control Committee prior to painting.  Please refer to the Marion Landing Architectural Control Exterior House Paint Guidelines book for acceptable color selections.  The book is available at the Administration Building.  Each house color specification sheet also shows a professionally chosen trim color.  A trim color from a different specification sheet can be used if it is from the same family as the house color.  Even though colors may be in the acceptable range, the combination of roof, walls, and trim must harmonize.


A separate selection of additional colors acceptable for front doors only is included in the Marion Landing Architectural Control Exterior House Paint Guidelines book.


10.   Fences / Privacy Screens

No perimeter fences are allowed on any residential lot.  White vinyl privacy screens, with a maximum height of eight (8) feet, may be used to shield small areas, such as patios, or to block unsightly views.  Decorative white vinyl picket fences with a maximum height of four (4) feet are allowed around patios and entries.


Fences along the perimeter of Marion Landing may be allowed, provided that all neighboring properties in the same perimeter area agree and also agree to install identical fences at their own expense.   


11.   Holiday Outside Decorations

Holiday decorations may be left up for a maximum of 30 days before and after the Holiday they celebrate.  Committee approval is not required to put up holiday decorations.


12.   Landscaping   

Landscaping includes all areas of the property that are not covered by sod.  If the area to be landscaped is not being enlarged, an Application is not required.  If the area is to be enlarged, an Application must be made to the Committee.  An Application is required any time a tree is planted or removed. Tree removal requires that the stump be removed or ground down and covered.  Plantings that are of a seasonal nature do not need to be approved.


Dead vegetation must be removed as soon as possible.  If the vegetation includes a dead or damaged tree, an Application should be submitted, and the Community Association Manager can give immediate approval for its removal.  The stump must be removed or ground down and covered with sod, dirt or mulch. 


Vegetable gardens are allowed, but they should be located in the rear or side yards of the property.


13.   Lawns      

Bahia is the preferred sod, as it is drought resistant and does not need as much irrigation as St. Augustine.   Further reduction of water usage can be obtained through the use of xeriscape landscape planning.  Owners will be allowed to irrigate new sod daily for 30 days, but they will be billed for any usage above their quarterly water allotment.  Irrigation is allowed in accordance with Governmental regulations.  The grass must be maintained on a regular basis.


14.   Lawn Ornaments

Benches, statues, bird feeders, bird baths, gazing balls, urns and pots are allowed in the garden setting.  These do not require an application, but should be in good taste.    Water features and garden ponds require an application and the exact location must be shown on the application.


15.   Low Voltage Lights

Low voltage AC or solar powered light fixtures for path and landscape lighting are permitted.  Committee approval is not required for installation of a quantity of 24 lights or less.  An Architectural Control Committee Application is required if a larger number is to be installed.


16.   Mailboxes

Consolidated mailboxes are used in Marion Landing.  No individual mailboxes are allowed on any residential lots.


17.   Pergolas

A pergola is an open slat style shade structure.  One full side must be attached to the house.  Vertical posts must be solidly mounted.  No solid roof is permitted.        


18.   Pools

In-ground pools are allowed in the rear yard.  They must be installed according to applicable governmental ordinances and will require an approved totally enclosed screen structure (“Birdcage”) attached to the dwelling.  No above ground pools are allowed, with the exception of ”kiddy” wading pools.


19.   Post Light / Address Signs

Each house must have a working post light in the front yard.  It must be controlled by a solar cell to be automatically turned on during all hours of darkness.  The light fixture should be 12 to 24 inches in height.  The light must be located where it was originally placed by the builder.  There shall be a horizontal bar going through the post supporting the light to act as a support for the standard Marion Landing address sign.  This sign must be mounted so it can be easily read from the street and must contain the house number.   It may also contain the name and home state of the owners.  These signs are available for purchase through the Community Association Manager.     

20.   Roofing

All roofing materials must be approved by the Architectural Control Committee. Asphalt shingles are the preferred roofing material.  Metal roofing is also acceptable.  Tile roofs will not be permitted.  If solar collectors are mounted on the roof, they should be mounted facing south or within 45 degrees east or west of due south. 


21.   Signs

No signs are allowed to be displayed on any house or lot except:


a. One sign of less than 72 square inches from a security or alarm company.

b. Lawn treatment warning signs for a period not to exceed three consecutive days

c. One “For Sale” or “For Rent” sign may be placed either inside or outside a window.  Corner lots may have one sign facing each street running past their lot.


22.   Stand Alone Structures

No stand-alone structures may be placed on any lot.  This includes, but is not limited to, structures such as sheds, detached garages, dog houses, pergolas and gazebos.


    Architectural Control Committee (ACC) Application


Return Application to:

Association of Marion Landing Owners Inc.

8457 SW 65th Avenue Road

Ocala, FL   34476

Office:  352-237-7247

FAX:     352-237 5027



Name: _____________________________________________________________

Property Address: ____________________________________________________

Mailing Address: _____________________________________________________

Home Phone: ________________________      Email:  ______________________

In accordance with the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions and the Association’s rules and regulations, I hereby request your consent to make the following changes, alterations, renovations and/or additions to my property







Attach a drawing showing change requested and paint color chips, if applicable.  Applications without this information will be considered incomplete and may delay approval.


I / We hereby understand and agree to the following conditions:

  1. No work will begin until approval is received from the Association.
  2. All work will be done expeditiously once commenced and will be done in a good workmanlike manner by a licensed, insured contractor or myself.
  3. All work will be performed at a time and in a manner to minimize interference and inconvenience to other residents.
  4. I / We assume all liability and will be responsible for all damage to other lots and common areas, and any injury which may result from performance of this work.
  5. I / We will be responsible for the conduct of all persons, agents, contractors, subcontractors and employees who are connected with this work.
  6. I am / We are responsible for complying with, and will comply with, all applicable federal, state, and local laws, codes, regulations and requirements in connection with this work, and I / We will obtain any necessary governmental permits and approval for the work.
  7. Upon receipt, Leland Management, Inc. will forward the ACC Application to the Association.  Decision by the Association may take up to 30 days.  I / We will be notified when the application is approved or denied.


Signature of owner(s): _____________________________________________ Date:  ______________


Do Not Write Below This Line


This Application is hereby:                     (   ) Approved                            (   ) Not Approved


Date: ______________ Signature(s): __________________________________________________________

Comments:  _______________________________________________________________________________




Date received from Owner _____________________ Owner Notified ____________________________

FORM:  ACC 1   3/2009


Appendix B               Marion County Building Department

2710 East Silver Springs Boulevard

Ocala, Florida 34470

Phone: (352) 438-2400 Fax: (352) 438-2401

On the Web: www.marioncountyfl.org/building.htm





Community Deed Restrictions may apply to the project you are planning.

Failure to obtain approval from you local homeowners association may

result in legal actions initiated by the association or any property owner in

the community.


Check with your homeowners association before submitting a permit

application for any project that may be regulated by your community deed



A building permit from the Marion County Building Department does not

infer compliance with your deed restrictions.


To access information about the authority and provisions the Florida

Legislature provides to homeowners associations, visit the Florida

government website, www.leg.state.fl.us/Statutes, and look for the chapter

which describes your residence.


The 2007 Florida Statutes

Titlle XL – Real and Personal Property



Chapter 718

Section 718.303


Cooperatives (Vacation Rentals/Timeshares)

Chapter 719

Section 719.303


Single-Family Residence

Chapter 720

Section 720.305 – 720.3035


Mobile Homes in Residential Mobile Home Park

Chapter 723

Section 723.071 – 723.078